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I love helping small businesses grow. These have been helpful to clients and organizations in the past, and hopefully, they will be of interest to you as well! Please call 403-342-0122 or fill out the form below to discuss further.


Enhancing Creative Thinking in the Workplace

Creativity has become more important than ever in insuring that a workplace runs happily and produces innovative concepts. The most competitive businesses and organizations are using creativity and creative thinking to come up with new and innovative ways to view projects, ideas and problems. This 3 hour presentation / workshop examines how creative thinking can benefit your workplace, and provides unique problem solving and brainstorming exercises to explore with. We will discuss a problem or an idea, and work together to come up with various solutions. If your employees can apply creative thinking to their everyday work life, you’ll find that not only will your team be more productive, they will be more energized, efficient and know how to implement creative tools when looking for new solutions. This workshop can also be booked as a 4 part series where we will tackle an issue or problem with a different method each week. Please contact me at (403) 342-0122 to discuss.

How to Design Online Social Media Backgrounds and Ads

So you want to start designing your own Social Media backgrounds and ads. We will go over the basic principles of design and color, and learn how to set up your ads properly with free online tool, Canva.

Collaboration & Networking for Business

Would you like to know how to make better connections, collaborate, and enter a room full of people with confidence? Learn the tools and strategies that will make this essential skill a lot easier for both you and your business.

How Working ON your Business can MAKE your Business

Do you think that working hard, head down in your business is enough to grow and succeed? We will discuss how taking the time to work ON your business can MAKE or BREAK your success.

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