Backpocket Designer is a membership program for ‘creative non-designers’ who want to be able to create professional design and promotionals without spending a ton on designers.

This membership will save you THOUSANDS of dollars in design fees. With the BackPocket membership program, you will be able to ‘pick my brain’ and look into the mind of a designer who has been at it for over 30 years (!) If you are someone who likes to design your own promotionals, and want to get better at it and look more professional, then this program is for you!

Become part of a low cost membership and save thousands of dollars by learning how to design your own ads, social media backgrounds, pamphlets and promotionals with consistency, ease and clarity. For only $39 per month, you GET to create designs that will set you above your competition.

BackPocket Designer Program


Gain Confidence

Learn the skills that most designers will never tell you and continue to save money to put BACK IN YOUR POCKET, time after time again.

Better Your Skills

Gain valuable feedback from the private Facebook Group, as well as the MONTHLY PICK MY BRAIN Zoom calls!

Learn New Strategies and Trends

Every month you will receive strategies, inspirations and trends to help lead you and your company brand to stay competitive and consistent.

If you have been feeling:

  • Overwhelmed with all the different ways you could be designing your business brand promotionals
  • Left behind as you see your competition put out better, more professional promotionals than you’ve been able to
  • Frustrated trying to see what looks good, what reads best and how to layout your promotionals for the best readability, consistancy and professionalism

Then this is YOUR chance to become more competitive, and really make your brand to look more professional.

For only $37USD per month, you will have your very own ‘BackPocket Designer’ to guide & mentor you as you grow your visual brand.

And the best part? No one has to know! Shhh.
Receive updated and valuable tips, tricks and strategies in your inbox that will give your brand VALUE and teach you specifics about different Canva capabilities.
Every month, we get on ZOOM for a consult, and revamp something you are working on to make it look as though you have spend thousands on a professional designer!

After 3 months, you will UNLOCK MY PRE-RECORDED MASTERCLASS “Design Secrets your Graphic Designer DOESN’T Want you to Know.”


Sign up for the next no-obligation complimentary session, and let’s get crackin’ to uplevel your project and make it SHINE!

Try an upcoming COMPLIMENTARY "Pick My (Designer) Brain" Session!

Looking to UP your design skill level quickly to benefit your marketing initiatives?
If you’ve never tried before, YOU ARE INVITED to try one of my upcoming sessions – just sign up and let’s see what we can do together!

Brenda Kolasa

Looking for some quick design hacks you can use NOW?

Take my “Design Hacks for the Non-Designer” Masterclass.

This two hour workshop will cover:

  • The difference between good and bad design
  • How to use whitespace for clean and breathable design
  • How to use fonts that complement one another
  • How to choose the right image for the right purpose
  • Layout secrets top designers know and do
  • Differences between web and print graphics
Secrets your Graphic Designer Doesn't Want you to Know About

Looking to REALLY up your ‘DESIGN GAME’?

Take my “Secrets Graphic Designers Don’t Want You To Know About” Masterclass.

This pre-recorded online class will guide you through every step of the way and by the end of this 5.5 hour course, you will be a PRO at understanding color psychology, typestyles, design and layout, brand and so many other secrets and bonuses including a tutorial on the free platform CANVA to get you started!