Backpocket Designer

Thank You

and Welcome to the Backpocket Designer!

You can now join the ‘Backpocket Designer’ Facebook group where you can upload projects you are working on and view resources, tips and tricks.

This is a program that was recently started, so expect some great resources to be uploaded a couple times per month. At the end of each month, we will go LIVE on ZOOM where you can show me what you have been working on and I can give you some feedback, constructive information and tips on how to make your projects pop, look clean and consistent so that you can honour your brand in the best light. This is a chance to ask questions and receive feedback – ALL AT NO ADDITONAL CHARGE!


Once again, welcome, and we will see you in the group!

Gain Confidence

Learn the skills that most designers will never tell you and continue to save money to put BACK IN YOUR POCKET, time after time again.

Better Your Skills

Gain valuable feedback from the private Facebook Group, as well as the monthly Zoom calls to pick my brain.

Learn New Strategies and Trends

Every month there will be new worksheets, strategies and trends to view to help lead you and your company brand to stay competitive and consistent.

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