Creative Coaching

What happens to you when you look at your to-do list and you haven’t met any of your goals in weeks? 

How do you feel when another day passes, nothing has gotten done, and you are on Facebook again? 

What is getting in your way?

Maybe you’re like the rest of us and are completely overwhelmed, you procrastinate, have negative self-talk holding you back, can’t complete anything because you think it’s not good enough, or tend to make excuses when things don’t go well.

Have you ever wondered if there was an easier way?

Whatever is holding you back, I can help you to figure it out.

Hi I’m Brenda.

As a certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, I can help you to enhance your own creative thinking and cut through any resistance or self-doubt that you may have in reaching your goals, passions or projects.

Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching is a very unique and effective style of coaching that I guarantee you have not seen before.

I’ll teach you how you can overcome the fear sensor in your brain, so that you can STOP MAKING EXCUSES  (Don’t worry, we all do it!) in a gentle, empowering and fun way, and exploring how Kaizen small steps can help to propel you as part of the process. Click below and let’s start a conversation about how to use CREATIVE THINKING to make a difference in your world.

Brenda Kolasa, Creative Coach
"I recently completed a 4-week coaching program. My business was going through a major transition and I was overwhelmed with the changes and workload. At the time my creativity was at an all time low. When Brenda offered her services I was thrilled to try something new. The experience was eye opening and truly amazing. Not only did it help me regain my creativity but also pushed me through a few unresolved issues I thought I already dealt with. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I have many people around me for support and guidance but I can honestly say this program is like nothing I’ve ever tried before. I am so grateful for Brenda and her coaching. Thank you!
Desiree Evans - DIY Assist