Marnel Hesterman, Emotional Wellness for Women

I called Brenda at Visual Resolve Graphics, because I was in need of a new website, for my company I needed some guidance in getting my new website to have a professional look and be easy to navigate; all at a reasonable price.

Brenda, worked with my requests and created a web-site that I am very happy with. I am so excited that my new web-site is simple, yet professional, and was in the budget parameters that I had set. Brenda was easy to work with and was more than willing to make changes until the page felt and looked, just right, to me.  The work that Brenda did for my web-site, was completed in a very timely manner.

I wanted to have control of the content on my site and did not want to have to rely on a programmer to make small changes. Brenda provided a tutorial of the web-site so that I am able to now make changes and revisions to most content areas as I see fit, without having to call Brenda every time.

If you are in the market for a new web-site give Brenda at Visual Resolve Graphics a call.

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